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NJ License Plate CLICKBAIT Advertisements You know, the things at the bottom or along the sides of web pages that
really really really want you to click on them ... but don't do it !!
I guess I've been looking at these on the web for quite a while,
but only after another collector sent me one did I realize that they're goofy,
and they should have their own web page.

And because they're just ... wrong.

Submitted by Dave M

What's wrong with this picture ?
- Blue plates are still valid, but the last ones issued were maybe 27 years ago.
- NJ doesn't use stickers anymore (expecially those that look suspiciously like California stickers).

And I don't know what the big surprise could be ... because I didn't click !!
Same 11-18 California sticker as the previous picture,
but a Florida plate in the background !

Now we're up to a 2020 California sticker !!
You can actually see the CAL on the back
of the plastic bag on the cycle plate.

So cars that drive less than 59 miles a day in New Jersey
can use license plates from Victoria, Australia ?
Cool !

And why less than 59 miles ? That's an odd number.
Submitted by Dave M
Another 59 mile one ... this time with Illinois plates
and another California-looking sticker.

Wisconsin 'Collector' plates on this one !

It's a lot more than 60 miles
to get to Tennessee !!

I guess the 'genius tip' for Metuchen drivers is
to use New Hampshire plates !

Is New Jersey manufacturing Philippines plates ?
These folks sure are !!

California plate and sticker (with a 'carmax' frame !)

More to come ... I'll post them as I see them and get screen shots.
Feel free to send screenshots to me for inclusion here !