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FUNNY BUSINESS This page was originally dedicated to the hundreds (well, maybe thousands) of New Jersey residents who simply did not know what to do with their plate stickers.

Although plate stickers were discontinued in late 2004 (much because of this problem), we have not been disappointed.
It seems that they have found other ways to keep us amused 😂
Misplaced objects: Why do people put plates on upside-down ??...

... or the windshield sticker at the very TOP of the windshield ??
Braden Moore
Looks like the sheeting was removed, crumpled up, and then stuck back on.
What's up with this ??
Homemade 1953 Farm Use plate photographed at a car show.
Here's a new series of funny stuff.
What do people put on the back of their cars to hide their plates ?
 ,  ,  
Here's another bunch ... What am I driving ?
Joe Pugliese

A historic vanity plate with the LIVE FREE OR DIE part of a New Hampshire plate attached.
Cool little skull bolt-heads as well !
Passenger plate on a landscape trailer.
Paint oddities. A red-on-tan repaint of a blue base plate, and an Avery base with no paint left.
(These were on the "unknown" page, but they should have been here. So now they're here.)
Some more fly-away temporary tags.   R31265... ?what?
FLORIDA 2018 sticker on a New Jersey plate.
Y2K site
Here are some more faded, peeled, and overall lousy looking plates from the initial 1992 base.
What's with the DRI- used car dealers ? Just bad luck ?

The black ink has worn off the sheeting, creating a white "New Jersey".
I've never seen this kind of fading before.

This is cool - a Bayern (Bavaria) sticker at left, and a partial Conserve Wildlife (CW) plate at right.

How do you get a windshield sticker on upside down ?
First day at the inspection facility ?
First day using a sticker of any kind ?
Have trouble putting stamps on letters ?

Braden Moore
This one is awesome.
Someone welded (?) an embossed "1957" to an undated 1957/58 NJ plate.
The entire plate was then repainted.
No comment.
Another ugly repaint from eBay - strange gold letters on black background.
This one is quite a mess - 2 temps mounted on top of one another.
And one seems to be reprinted on top of itself in two different fonts ... what ?
Joe Pugliese
Joe Pugliese

Another risqué prefix which should have
probably been on the "skip this prefix" list.

(Also see FKR-69R below. Who censors these ?!? Jeez !)
Here are some more of these!
I'm driving a....

Frank Kan

Jon Cohen

picture from me
This one is a car with a TRAILER plate on the front.
Frank Kan (picture from craigslist)
Homemade trailer plate - same font as on current NJ temp plates !
Frank Kan
Another EQUIPMENT in TRANSIT plate on a car.
Why do people do this ?
An absolutely ugly 1922 repaint seen on eBay.
More temp plates where they don't really belong...
Front Window (picture from Dave M.)       Full-sized temp on cycle (picture from me)
Diver down !   (Van Halen fan, maybe ?)
Modified NJ plate seen on eBay.
What kind of car was I driving back in 1991 ?

Cool blue 7-letter vanity.
Joe Wasielewski
NJ passenger plate photographed on the road with a 2017 INDIANA sticker !
There are just some really crappy plates.
The reflective coating is going ... going ... gone !

Another passenger plate with a state seal.

Joe Pugliese
Obviously this is not a real CONTR EQUIP IN TRANSIT plate, but still it's a really cool addition to this military jeep !

This is what happens with flat plates when the sun shines on them.
They all seem to have a concave bend after manufacturing, so they catch the sunlight and concentrate it.
Plates on a porta-potty !
Actually, it's on a little tiny trailer, so I guess that makes sense !


Apparently they issued the F/C K combination sometime
between 1952 and 1956.

Attention car dealer people ...
The temporary plates go on the back of the car.   Where the regular plates go.
Not in the window.   (That's why they have holes on top now .)

Dave M.

Another one of those "what kind of car am I driving?" vanities.

An incredible repaint attempt
of a 1965-base dealer plate.

Sticker halfway up the windshield.

A plate that was made up by one of those internet vendors.

Paul Rosenberg

Way to clean off the snow there.

The "plate" is actually PAINTED onto the back of a Jeep Wrangler.   And very well done !
This is a new one for me.

Lee Madigan

Temp tag in the back window (wrong)
and also a new plate on the car.

So really, 2 plates at once (wrong).

Dave M.

Trailer number scribbled on the back of a truck.
Looks like T1W-661.

Sam Farley

An EQUIP IN TRANSIT plate ... on a passenger car.   What's up with that ?

I saw this one on the road.

The latest place to put
a temp plate --
the front window.

Dave M.
Ouch !   I'm missing a number !

Sam Farley
The new temporary plates blow ...
... all around when you're driving.

Ack !   This plate was for sale on eBay !!
Paint gone, sheeting shot, but you can still see the BAR4 hologram on the top.

I actually contemplated buying it ... for half a second or so.
New temp tags, but in the back window.

Dave M.
This was seen in a junkyard ... an interesting attempt at a fake sticker -
but don't you think somebody would notice it's totally blank ???

Braden Moore

On-the-road shot ... this was actually issued.

Quite a risqué letter-number combination.
BMW on a BMW

Steve Bier
Identity Crisis ?

Steve Bier
Passenger Plate with State Seal

Jeff Fazekas
"WINDOW" Sticker
But we've never seen one in THIS window :-)

Steve Bier

Explanation on this - thanks to Brian Cramer:
"I have an explanation for the inspection sticker on the rear side window of the Toronado on your Funny Business page.
Toronados, Riveras, and Eldorados of the time period had windshields with a plastic layer on the inside
(for an electric defroster if I remember correctly).   I was working at a Buick dealership in Mt. Holly
at the time, and remember a NJ DMV notice allowing the inspection sticker to be placed
in the rear window because removal of old stickers with a razor blade would damage the plastic inner windshield."
But this plate was actually on a vehicle on the road !

A Vermont sticker wound up
on this NJ plate.

Jeff Fazekas
I guess somebody really likes blue plates...
maybe they're related to the one above ?
Cardboard Plates - Why are they mostly from trailers ??

T37-S27 (on the right) isn't even a valid number !!
Unique Paint Job

Mike Wiener
More Unique Paint Jobs

And it really looks like the 2006 sticker is in the OUTSIDE of the bag...
This is a "plate-print" in a pile of snow.

Original picture on the left - taken by Jeff Fazekas.
Image on the right - digitally enhanced, and flipped.

Keep an eye out for this plate - blue base, HAP-72L.
You never know what they're going to run into next !!
From pieces of another plate !!

Mike Wiener

Someone cut the edges off this plate. Odd.

Jeff Fazekas
In case you forget what kind of car you own...

Somebody put a 12/2005 sticker
on this brand new 2008 plate !

Jeff Fazekas
This plate was on a SCHOOL BUS !
We need better schools...
Or maybe I'm wrong and the plate expires in "80 Lambda-Omicron-Nu".
"CRUMPLED"   But it's still readable, right ?
How did this actually happen ?   No damage to the car itself...

Jeff Fazekas
The inspection sticker on this car has been placed incorrectly -
almost at the TOP of the windshield.

Jeff Fazekas
Plate stickers went away in 2004, because the morons won.
Obviously, from these pictures, they have kept up the fight.

SUM-92G Joe Wasielewski         WSB-77N Jeff Fazekas

Aw come on with the upside-down stickers already !!!
What does it take ???
If it doesn't stick, just tape it on !!
Can't remove the frame !!!

Jeff Fazekas
On the inside of the "out of town"
mailbox door, at the Manville, NJ
Post Office !!

We're not kidding ...
go and check it out !!

From "Eagle Eye" Jeff Fazekas

15 Stickers (and counting...)!!
I believe this plate is the current record-holder
for number of visible stickers on a single plate.

Jeff Fazekas
2003 "Classic"

No front plate ??   No problem.

Jeff Fazekas
2005 "Type Doubles"

Non-pass & pass together
2004 "Doubles"
2003 "Doubles"
2001 - 2004 Month Variant

As far as I know, the registration
month can't change.
2002 - 2003 Month Variant
2003 vs. the Clear Plastic Cover
You can see the 2002 sticker underneath, on the actual plate.
I guess this year they were just too lazy to take the cover off....
2004 "On the Cover"
Paint Problems
Hope they don't all end up like this...

Joe Wasielewski

"90" Invert
Also an "albino" 2003 sticker.

2004 Sticker

Is it 1990 ??

" I hate plate frames "
2004 Invert
ON 1979 BASE

Jeff Fazekas
"80" Invert

Or is it really 1980 ?
2004 "ALBINO"

First (only ??)
faded 2004

Jeff Fazekas
2001 "Mixed Doubles"
2003 "ALBINO"

This one is interesting....

The 2003 stickers should be yellow,
but it seems that they don't take well
to sunshine and rain.

Most of the 2003s on the road look like this.
2001 "Doubles"
2002 - YUCK !!
This is a problem that we don't often see
on the 2002 stickers.
This one must have hit an acid rain storm
or something....
2000 "Doubles"
2001 - YUCK !!

Some of the 2001 stickers issued
had a problem losing their black color.

Sometimes it made for a nice white-on-purple
sticker, but this one is just ugly !!
2001 Commercial YUCK !!

Apparently the 2001 nonpass stickers
had the fading problem as well...
This is the best one yet ... where are the stickers ??
Well duh ... on the windshield, of course !!
Joe Wasielewski