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It was re-launched as in late 2011, and since then it has become an encyclopedia,
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Gee, it's been a long time since my last big update.
There are OVER 600 new pictures this time. (Sorry - this update obviously took me a long time to put together :-)
Other than the new pictures, I've been working on some general improvements:
- Adding links at the top of some pages to jump directly to the years within the page. This is visible on the passenger pages, and also some others where plates are split up by year.
- Re-ordering the plates by serial number rather than sticker year. I think it makes it easier to view them in alphanumeric order.
- Adding some expanded notes to some pages - trying to clarify the obscure (and also the obvious) !
- Several new pages were added this time as categories outgrow "sections" on existing pages.
- A new page for the CCCA Caravan plates - this happened in NJ in 1981, and I learned about it thanks to Don M. !!
- I got rid of the Flat Plate Typeset page ... you can see what's flat and what's not on NJHIGHS anyway.
That's it for now ... have fun finding the new plates - they are listed on the UPDATE HISTORY page.

Over 300 new pictures added to the site - check out the UPDATE HISTORY page for details.
Lots of updates to Apportioned, Commercial, Trailer, Historic, Sports Plates.
I'm also trying to (slowly) fill in some more counties for the early (1926-1956) passenger plates.
A highlight this time is a picture of a very early NON-CONV DLR plate - the earliest known from the 1965 base (thanks Dave !!)
I've also sorted out the inspection sticker changes from 1998 to 2000 - there's a new table on this page which describes the 1-year to 2-year transition. Enjoy !!

Over 200 new pictures this time ... and also - a new page: UPDATE HISTORY so you can see what's been added.
Hopefully, this page will be a better indicator (than my comments here) of where the newly added pictures are located.
A special note - the L/E series has flipped to the 00AA L/E pattern, and the letters are moving before the numbers. This is a first for NJ plates. More details here.

About 150 new pictures in this update.
Changes to the passenger plates pages in the 50s - a new page for 1952-56 plates, and I am trying to backfill the 40s and 50s plates with counties I don't have pitcures of yet.
Added TRACTOR plates to the blue back plates pages. Forgot this type last time, as there were only a few issued (thanks Jon, for reminding me !).
Filled in some windshield stickers, some dealer plates, and a couple of new 1959 base and 1979 base passenger plates.

First update this year - over 400 new pictures.
I finally decided to document the ranges of graphic plates which were made on the leftover blue blanks.
So there's a new section for BLUE BACK plates. Apparently 9 different types were made with blue backs.
As for the rest of the new pictures, they're pretty much everywhere :-)

Another update with around 250 pictures. That seems to be a good amount. So, where to begin?...
I overhauled the passenger pages for the 1926-38 and 1939-56. Some new features - links to each year, etc.
Check out the A-Z prefix run at the bottom of the 1926-38 page ! A fun group of plates.
I adjusted the order of the 1952/56 plates, splitting up the initial '52 issues from the others. Also separated the long plates in '51 and '52-'56.
Additions and new data on the 1960/73 Trailers page - thanks Dave, for the pictures and "reflective revelations" for this update.
Various updates to other pages, a bunch of early dealer plates added, tractors (check out the 1934), even some more DAV Keychain Tags added this time.
Finally got a picture of a new flat Low Speed Vehicle plate (thanks to NJRoadFan !).
A vanity remake with the original blue plate to go along with it !! This is really neat - thanks Steve !
And finally, a bunch of "number 1" special sample plates... three are on the National Guard page, and others are on the AR, AF, CR, and NR pages.
Thanks, as always, to all my readers !!

New OMEGA PSI PHI plates have been spotted today - thanks Joe !!

250+ new pictures this time. (Wow - first major update since last October !)
Tractor plates now have their own category now (moved from under Heavy Trucks).
...and I can't ever decide where Low Number passenger plates should go, so I gave them their own category too !
Many thanks to Joe P for supplying a whole bunch of pictures (last year !) that I finally got to post.
More pictures of "heavy NJ steel" from Dave Z - keep those pictures of 52/60 tabbed plates and 69/70 reflectorized plates coming !!
I've been rearranging some of the pages (mostly 60s and 70s non-passenger) so the plates go in order of prefix rather than order of year sticker ... this makes it easier to find things, and similar plates (like the 1969/70 reflective ones) are grouped together, regardless of what year is on the sticker. Probably more of this going forward.
One of these is the Omnibus page - with a bunch of new pictures of plates from the 1960's.
Some new funny business too ... Check it out !

Finally, a personal note to all my readers - stay safe, stay healthy, and take good care !

Only one page updated today ... the 1957/59 Passenger Plates page.
Got an Ocean County plate today to finish my 21-county run.

What can I say about today's update ? Well, I've been working on it for quite a while, and there are around 200 new pictures.
Some new 2019 plates for commercial, farmer, trailer, apportioned, etc. AND an Equip In Transit REMAKE (yup).
Speaking of [passenger] remakes, some more new info about vanity remakes has been added as well.
We're still narrowing down the range of numbers for the reflective motorcycle plates from the 70s (thanks Dave !).
Also, I changed the boat plates page to reflect some recent observations about the "C" series (thanks Eric!).
And, as usual, there are a bunch of other random updates.

Various updates - lots of new pictures.
Apportioned plates skipped the AV prefix, going from AU-999Z to AW-100A.
Thanks to all of the folks who contribute to the site !!

First update in a long time ... and several changes.
Some of the pages and categories have been rearranged - so please let me know if you have trouble finding anything. (You can always use the dropdown menu to jump to a plate type.)
There's a new page for the orange on black 1957 base passenger plates ... turns out I have almost all of NJ's 21 counties, so I wanted to put them on their own page.
Also, a bunch of new double-digit plates have been showing up on eBay lately (why? how?) so I have added the pictures of those here.
The Funny Business page has been rearranged a bit - now pictures are grouped by type.
Finally, with the help of a fellow collector (thanks Steve!) I've added new information on remake plates, and created a new category for remakes with two different pages.

A NEW TYPE was spotted today ... "Driving School" plates in the DS-1234 format are now being issued.
I also did some other small updates - the older temporary plates page has some additions/standardizations.
Some updated plates for 2018/2019 were added.

Another year almost over ... and another bunch of New Jersey plates added to the web site.
Check out the new "Clickbait" page - it has those pictures of NJ plates from those annoying web ads that you're supposed to click on !
That's all for now - wishing everyone the best in 2019 !!

It's tough to keep up with everything these days ... but here is another big update, maybe 350 new and updated pictures.
New categories (and bigger pictures of) boat plates and stickers. finally catching up with the rest of the site size-wise.
Some windshield sticker and tab pictures improved.

Big update. Around 300 new pictures added this time.
I changed and rearranged some category names in the menu - added separate pages for different temporary dealer types, and I also split up the Military Installations pages (Ft Monmonth, Ft Dix, etc).
I'm not maintaining the hologram lists any more, so I moved that towards the bottom of the menu.
Added the stacked prefixes into the menu - it may make plates easier to find. (Let me know what you think.)
Updated passenger, commercial, apportioned, trailer, etc., with 2018 plates.
There is a new proposed plate for 2018 ... "Garden State Equality". Check it out. Opinions ?
And finally, I made another new page for "Official" booster plates for police and officials ... thanks Bob, for most of these pictures !

Another update ... nothing incredible ... just a whole bunch of new pictures.

First big update of 2018.
Some new (1979) sequential PUC LIM plates have surfaced recently.
Many other new pictures also.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving !
Various updates - most notably on the NJ Beach Buggy Association page. I have been corresponding with their membership secratary, who is very helpful and friendly, and he gave me lots of information about their plates and their club. Thanks Ken !
I also joined the NJBBA - I'm now member #5313 - with a new plate to go with it !

Some more pictures updated, but ... some improvements to the menu.
- I added a "Jump to Plate Type" function which presents a dropdown list of all plates in alphabetical order by caption. This is great if you know the type of plate you're looking for, but don't know which section of the menu to look in.
For plates with multiple pages (commercial, for example) this will bring you to the page with the most recent plates, and also open the part of the main menu where the plate type is located. From there you can navigate to other years or similar types.
- I also finally posted the article I wrote for the Feb 2017 PLATES Magazine (an in-depth review of NJ passenger plates) - also with a sidebar by Richard Dragon.
Read the article here.

ANOTHER new type identified today ! (This is two in the span of a week, definitely the most activity we've seen in a while.)
NJ now has plates for the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.   These plates were first spotted by NJRoadFan on October 16th, but we didn't know what they were at that point. A picture from Steve Bier - received today - sorted it out, as there was enough on the picture for me to google and find out what the plate was.
The plates have an IV prefix ... since the symbol of the AKA sorority is an IVY Leaf (get it ?).

Finished update from yesterday - maybe another 50 pictures added.

Two big things today:
First, I saw my first AUTOCYCLE plate today - new plates are out for 3-wheeled motorcycles. See it here.
Second, Phil Leib verified that 1951 was the first year for MD plates for medical doctors. This info was from the DMV's 1950 annual report. I updated the Physician page to reflect this info.
Meanwhile, there have been several other updates to the site - more than 100 pictures added in the past month or so.
Check out the flat IN TRANSIT EMPTY plate!!

Another big update ... passenger plates reached the J- series, non-resident temp plates moved from the N to the P suffix.
Lots of new pictures ... as usual !

A fairly big update ... couple of hundred new pictures - all over the place.
Flat plates sighted for graphics: CC, IM, WC, also VEHICLE MFR, School Vehicles, and Civil Air Patrol.

I am starting to (little by little) re-style and modernize the look of the New Jersey pages.   Case in point - you are looking at one of the new pages.   Hope you like it !
The MVC has started "colorizing" some of the logos organizational and military plates - I've added a new page with these plates listed.
Also changed the DATA/BOOKS/ARTICLES page to "NJ PLATE INFORMATION".   Anything and everything scanned and/or photographed goes there. And finally, Limousine plates have finally gone flat - the change was probably at OL1000K, and also the TD State Govt plates - at TD17000.

Over the past week I've added several new pictures.
Probably most significant is a group of fake windshield stickers seen on eBay. I've actually seen these on show cars ... they SUCK !!! Fonts, text sizes, even colors and borders - all wrong.

Some minor style changes to the menu. I think it's easier to read now that it's left-justified.   Let me know if anything is broken :-)

Lots of new plates, and a bunch of new documents on the Data/Books/Articles page !

More courtesy plates (Ron) and new motorcycle plates (me).   And a bunch of other new stuff too.

New information about Clam Digger permit plates - we got Oysters now, too. Check it out here !

More new courtesy plates from Ron Hepkin - 1926-1938 !
Also lots of new motorcycle plates in this update - I'm filling in letters and years.

Updates to the 1920-1925 courtesy plate page - thanks to Ron Hepkin !

Believe it or not, there's a type from almost 100 years ago that I missed !   Fellow collector Ron Hepkin sent a picture of a 1925 UNDERTAKER plate (U- prefix).
I created a new page for this type under "Omnibus Types". (Seemed like the right place...)

Updated various sections. Apportioned plates reached AT. Limo over OL9000J but still not flat.
Re-did the flat plate typeset page.

Another update - various new plates.

I'm going to try to do more frequent updates instead of saving pictures for months and doing them all at the same time.
Highlights this week - motorcycle-sized temp plates (on the TEMP 2012-) page and new flat NEW CAR DEALER sighted !

Added page with skipped NJ prefix/suffix combinaitons (under Passenger Plates section).
Also updated NJ hologram codes page.

Major update (it's about time !) - lots of pictures of new FLAT plates.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Random updates with new pictures - more than 50 plate types have now been spotted on the flat base.
Also a new look and updates for NJHIGHS.

HOTEL BUS plates sighted for the first time today ... thanks Paul !

New page added for flat plate typeset - this is a pictorial listing of all the flat plates types spotted so far.
Also several new pictures and some re-arranging of categories.

A bunch of new pictures added - also a new page on FAKE plates (all the way on the bottom of the menu).

Apportioned plates have gone flat !
The highest embossed plate issued was AR-999H, AR-100J through AR-999Z were skipped, and flat plates started at AS-100A.

Several more flat types sighted - Courtesy (with car number in way upper right!), and some other vanity types.
I re-arranged some of the categories on the site - mostly around the Passenger Types.  Low Numbers is now under the Courtest category (was under Govt).  "Classic" (QQ and Streed Rod) now has its own category, as do Handicapped and Vanity.
Let me know if you have trouble finding anything !

First sighting of the DO Physician type ... thanks again to Jason Philis !

Two additional NEW TYPES reported - AMBULANCE and MOBILITY ASSISTANCE VEHICLE - thanks to Jason Philis for the pictures !

Three NEW TYPES reported - TAXICAB, JITNEY, and PARATRANSIT - thanks to Paul Rosenberg for the pictures !

Two interesting sightings today ... I saw A40-EFF which is the 31st flat plate issued, as they started with A10-EFF.
Also, check out the passenger vanity page - another collector spotted a flat vanity plate with a car number (-2) ... in a really weird place! Gotta see it!

Lots of flat plates floating around now ... I see a handful every day, mostly all passenger. I did see a flat O/M (omnibus) vanity today, though !
Some additions to the site as I have posted all the new pictures since last month. My NJHIGHS page now has links back to the main site for the standard types - I will add them for the specialty types soon.

First FLAT passenger plate seen - T96-EFP

FLAT plates are here !   First one spotted on the road - see it here !

More new 2014 plates - but nothing FLAT yet.
Check out the historic motorcycle page for some great "new" information - thanks Sarge !!
Also a new article on the NJ PLATE INFORMATION page on motorcycle plate #C1 from 1917 !

New updates for 2014 !

FLAT plates coming again ... next March. Looks like a "go" this time.
Reached the DUx series with passenger plates - patiently waiting for the municipal series to pass MG99999.
I recently saw the first NEW CAR DLR plate with a reversed format: 2743 DFG.

Good pictures of the new bus stickers, finally !   And in this update I added a page for "data sheets" - DMV lists of plate types.

No big news this time. New windshield stickers for NJ buses. Updates to several sections.

Now I hear that the DMV has changed their mind. No FLAT plates for New Jersey. Drat.   Not sure what will happen to the Sports/NASCAR plates and Gold Star Family (as they are flat now).

My sources tell me that all plates in NJ will be going FLAT starting in October 2013 !!
In passenger plates, we are now in the early D series.   Give or take, A10-DEA. This is the first time a 3-letter block starting with D has been used on passenger plates as the D-block plates are usually only used for dealers. Also, various updates to the site - Historic plates have reversed to 10000QQ - and I got a really blurry picture of the new BUS windshield stickers...

Lots of news this time !
Some of the NASCAR plates have been discontinued; also the NJ Nets plate is no longer available, because they moved to Brooklyn, NY !!.
There are several new OMNIBUS types coming out in 2014 - see a preview in the omnibus section !

Fixed a style sheet bug which made the yellow info boxes bounce around - but only in Chrome. A "real" update is in the works.

Well, it's been a while ! Just finished another large update to the site, including several hundred plate pictures. Still no sign of the missing B series plates, I guess they're gone for good. We have progressed into the C series (current high as of today is -CEZ) and plates are still embossed. More and more types are appearing with the helix hologram now, and I've tried to note cutoffs where possible.
Special thanks to Jeff Ellis for helping me sort out the Avery hologram codes ... those circles around the year number actually mean something after all !

Motorcycle plates have reached the "2" series; 2AAG8 seen.

New temporary plates start today - regular (resident) temps start at F000001, and nonresident temps strat at 000001N. These are printed on-demand, which means every time a car is sold, anywhere in New Jersey, the number goes up. Should prove interesting to watch the progression on these !

County Government plates started a new series from CG-1AAA. This should last a while...

Merry Christmas !!   Passenger plates in the BT- series now, still missing BD thru BG.   I've been searching around lately, and I've found a good number of New Jersey plate pictures which I've included on the site.   Some are far-away shots, so please pardon the "blurry".

Big update with 200 pictures - check out the In Transit Empty page.   Commercial has reached XY, temp plates reached D.

Added alphabetic index ! Now you can find plates by letter prefixes (if you don't know what section they belong to).   Also, split up the Military, Organizational, College, and Graphic plates pages into separate pages for each type.

Still no sightings of the BD, BE, BF, or BG suffixes. Don't know what happened to them. There are BC suffix plates out there, along with BH through BM.

After seeing BBX suffixes on passenger plates, there has been a jump and now we are seeing the BHx and BJx series. BCx plates have also been seen, but no BDx, BEx, BFx, or BGx yet.

The School Bus S1 series has flipped from S1-Z999 to A100-S1.

The Conserve Wildlife (Eagle) W/C series has flipped from W/C 999Z to A100 W/C.

The B series for passenger plates (A10-BAA) has been reached.

Motorcycle plates no longer have sticker boxes. The change occurred somewhere between 1RKLx and 1RUUx.

MG90000 reached for Municipal plates.

Now that the March '11 stickers are invalid, it is definite that *no* plate stickers will be issued any more in New Jersey, for any plate types.   No March '12 stickers have appeared, and some people are removing some or all of the stickers from their plates.