- Jim Moini's License Plates
?? UNIDENTIFIED PLATES ?? I don't know what these are.
Can anyone help ?
The 1910 and 1911 plates appear to be homemade replacements - and apparently they once had seals.
Ed Natale

This "1919 plate" is painted on the back of a 1911 porcelain. Probably another homemade replacement plate.
Jarrod Nappi

1926 ? 
This appears to be white on orange - same colors as a 1926 passenger plate, but the N.J.-1926 is missing from the top.

These are smaller than a passenger plate, but bigger than a motorcycle plate.   And they have a strange 8-hole pattern.
"Licensed" for what ? And by whom ?   Anybody know ?

1949Jerry DeBalfo

1972My collection

These 2 pictures of signs that look like plates come from Ed Natale.
"RESERVED" was clearly made with NJ motorcycle dies on a NJ plate blank, but it has 2 extra holes.
Anybody else have any like this ?

KEEP OUT is not a NJ plate (dies don't match, but it's really close).   I figured I'd include it here anyway.

This one, with the same 6-hole pattern and motorcycle dies as the one above left, was seen on eBay.

36 -31 
This one is from the collection of Tiger Joe ... orange on black like 1936 passenger plates, but smaller.
It has the "octagon" New Jersey dies, but is it a NJ plate ?   If not, then what is it ??

BGOO- Plates 
What are these ? Vanities ?
Why are they so close together - and why the BGOO0A pattern ?

All seen and photographed on the road in & around Bergen County in the mid 2000's.
1940 FD 
This is not a regular passenger as NJ has never used leading zeroes.