- Jim Moini's License Plates
a b c, etc. = any letter
0 = any number
A B C, etc. = specific letter
1 2 3, etc. = specific number
specific exceptions noted
none / variable
aaa-000 Passenger (D,O,Q,T,X omitted from 1st position)
aaa-00a Passenger (A,B,C,E,F,G,H in 1st position)
aaa0000 Passenger (AAA through ADJ prefix)
ba-000a Passenger ('b' = B,C,E,F,G,J,K,L,M,P,R,U,V,W,Y,Z)
jaa-00a Passenger ('j' = J,K,L,M,N,P,R,S,U,V,W,Y,Z)
a00-aaa Passenger (I,O,Q omitted from 1st position)
aa000 Motorcycle
a000a Motorcycle
a0000 Motorcycle
a000 Handicapped Morotcycle
a0a0a Autocycle
aaa 00 Courtesy (00 = 1 through 20)
a-00-0 Equipment In Transit
aa-00-0 Equipment In Transit
a0-0a Firefighter
0a-a0 Firefighter
a 0 a/a County Officers
a 0 a/a County Commissioner
a/a 1 a/a Mayor
a000000 Temporary
000000a Non-Resident Temporary

1 Governor
00 Cabinet (2 thru 29 ??)
00 N/J U.S. Congress (recently "00")
000-aaa Passenger (D,O,Q,T,X omitted from first position)
000aa Morotcycle
0000a Morotcycle
0aaa0 Morotcycle
000a Exempt Morotcycle
0a0a0 Moped
00 aaa Courtesy (00 = 1 through 20)
0000 Poultry Truck (also 000)
0000 Coal/Fuel Truck (also 000)
00000 Constructor (also 000,0000)
00000 M.F. Transport (also 0,00,000,0000)
00-0-aa Equipment In Transit
0a-a0 Firefighter

Aa-00a Farm Use
Aa-000a Apportioned
A/B 0000 Airborne
ACE-00 Atlantic City Expressway Police
A/I/R A-a0aa Air National Guard
A/F 0000 Air Force Reserve
A/L 0000 American Legion
A/R 0000 Army Reserve
A/R/M/Y G-a0aa Army National Guard
A/R/M/Y Ga 0 aa Army National Guard
A/V 0000 Amvets

B/B 0000 Battleship NJ
0000 B/B Battleship NJ
B/B 00aa Battleship NJ
B/H 0000 Baymens Heritage
0000 B/H Baymens Heritage
B/S 0000 Battleship NJ (Sample Only)

C/4 0000 Omega Psi Phi
C/A 0000 Coast Guard Auxiliary
C/C 0000 Conquer Cancer
0000 C/C Conquer Cancer
C/C 00aa Conquer Cancer
a000 C/C Conquer Cancer
C/C aa00 Conquer Cancer
C/F 0000 Center for Food Action
C/F 0000 Choose Life
CG-a000 County Government
a000-CG County Government
CG00000 County Government
CG-0aaa County Government
C/I 0000 Combat (Infantry) Veteran
xxx CMH Congressional Medal of Honor
CMH xxx Congressional Medal of Honor
C/P 0000 Civil Air Patrol
C/R 0000 Coast Guard Reserve
CV-0000 Commuter Van
CV00000 Commuter Van
C/W 0000 Conserve Wildlife
C/W 000a Conserve Wildlife
C/W 00aa Conserve Wildlife

Da00-0 Motorcycle Dealer
Daa-00 0 New Car Dealer (DAA through DKZ)
Daa 0 0 New Car Dealer Courtesy (DAA through DKZ)
Daa-00 0 Used Car Dealer (DAA through DZZ)
Daa 0 0 Used Car Dealer Courtesy (DAA through DZZ)
00 00 Dxa Used Car Dealer (x = L or M)
00-0 Da Motorcycle Dealer
000-DAV Disabled American Veterans
DAV-000 Disabled American Veterans
1DC 000 Chiropractor (also 1DC 0, 1DC 00)
D/D 0000 Tin Can Sailor (Destroyer Vet)
DDS 000 Dentist
D/H 0000 Healing Hearts (Deborah Hospital)
D/L 0000 Organ Donors
0000 D/L Organ Donors
DL-000 0 Temporary (Dealer)
DL1-00 00 Temporary (Dealer)
DMD 000 Dentist
D/M/V 0000 N/J Bulk Hauler
DN-000 0 Non-Conventional Dealer
DO-0000 Doctor (DO)
DPM-000 Podiatrist
DS-0000 Driving School
DTC-00 0 Vehicle Converter
00 0 DTC Vehicle Converter
DTF-00 0 Finance/Repo (Dealer)
00 0 DTF Finance/Repo (Dealer)
DTL-00 0 Temp Rental/Lease (Dealer)
00 0 DTL Temp Rental/Lease (Dealer)
DTM-00 0 Vehicle Manufacturer
00 0 DTM Vehicle Manufacturer
00-DTM 0 Vehicle Manufacturer
DTN-00 0 Vehicle Manufacturer
00 0 DTN Vehicle Manufacturer
DTT-00 0 Transporter (Dealer)
00 0 DTT Transoprter (Dealer)
DV-0000 Disabled American Veterans

E/M 0000 E.M.T.

+F 0000 First Aider
F-0000 Farm Use
F-a000 Farm Use
F-a00a Farm Use
Fa-00a Farm Use
FA00000 Farm Use
F/D 0000 Newark Firefighter
F/F 0000 Firemens Benevolent Association
F/P 0000 Fraternal Order of Police
0000 F/P Fraternal Order of Police

Ga-00a Farm Use
G/I 0000 US Army Retired
G/S 0000 NJ Agriculture
0000 G/S NJ Agriculture
G/S 00aa NJ Agriculture

H0000 Handicapped
0000H Handicapped
HA-A 00 Highway Authority
HA-A000 Highway Authority
H/a 0000 Handicapped
HY-A000 Highway Department

I/B 0000 Teamsters
I/F 0000 Firefighter (IAFF)
I/M 0000 Animal Friendly
I/M 000a Animal Friendly
I/M 00aa Animal Friendly
I/M aa00 Animal Friendly
I/V 0000 Alpha Kappa Alpha

J/T 0000 New Jersey Institute of Technology

K/C 0000 Knights of Columbus
K/I 0000 Kiwanis
K/P 0000 Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA)

L/E 0000 Price of Honor (Fallen Law Enforcement)
0000 L/E Price of Honor (Fallen Law Enforcement)
L/E 00aa Price of Honor (Fallen Law Enforcement)
aa00 L/E Price of Honor (Fallen Law Enforcement)
L/E aa00 Price of Honor (Fallen Law Enforcement)
00aa L/E Price of Honor (Fallen Law Enforcement)
L/S 0000 Liberty State Park
0000 L/S Liberty State Park
LSV0000 Low Speed Vehicle
M/B 0000 Freemason
M/C 0000 Meadowlands
MD-a000 Doctor
MD-0000 Doctor
M/E 0000 Mayor Emeritus
MG-a000 Municipal Government
MG-000a Municipal Government
MG-0000 Municipal Government
000MG-a Municipal Government
MG-00aa Municipal Government
MG00000 Municipal Government
00000MG Municipal Government
M/H 0000 Gold Star Family
M/L 0000 Leatherneck (USMC)
M/M 0000 Merchant Marine
M/R 0000 Marine Reserve
MV-a000 Motor Vehicle Dept

N/C 0000 Navy Cross
N/D 0000 Notre Dame
NF-a000 No-Fee (Exempt)
NF00000 No-Fee (Exempt)
N/G a 00 National Guard
N/G a 000 National Guard
0000-NJ NJ Transit Bus
NJP-000 New Jersey Press
N/J US00 Congress
N/L 0000 Navy League
N/R 0000 Navy Reserve
NYP-000 New York Press
000-NYP New York Press
NYP0000 New York Press
0000NYP New York Press

OA-0000 Ambulance
O/E 0000 Operating Engineer
OJ-0000 Jitney
OL-0000 PUC - LIM
OL-0000 Livery
0000-OL Livery
OL-000a Livery
OL0000a Livery ('a' = A,B,C)
OL0000a Limousine ('a' = D and higher)
O/L aaaaa Limousine (vanity only)
O/M aaaaa Omnibus (vanity only)
OM-0000 Mobility Assistance Vehicle
OP-0000 Paratransit
OP-000a Paratransit
OT-0000 Taxicab
OT-000a Taxicab
Oxa-000 Omnibus ('x'= W,X,Y,Z)
OXx0000 Omnibus ('x'= V,W,X,Y,Z)
OYx0000 Omnibus ('x' = A,B)

P 0000 Ex POW
P/A 0000 Telephone Pioneers
P/B 0000 Police Benevolnemt Association
0000 P/B Police Benevolnemt Association
P/D 0000 Police Honor Legion
P/E 0000 Professional Engineer
P/F 0000 National Police Defense Foundation (NPDF)
P/H 0000 Purple Heart
0000 P/H Pearl Harbor 41
P/L 0000 Pinelands
P/L 00aa Pinelands
P/S 0000 Penn State

QQ-a000 Historic
000a-QQ Historic
QQ-0000 Historic
0000-QQ Historic
QQ00000 Historic
00000QQ Historic
Q0000 Historic Motorcycle

R 0000 Street Rod
R/A 0000 USAF Retired
R/I 0000 Rotary International
R/M 00aa Sports Plates (Teams + NASCAR)
R/M aa00 Sports Plates (Teams + NASCAR)
Ga00 R/M (only EAGLES so far)
R/U 0000 Rutgers
0000 R/U Rutgers

S1-000a School Vehicle I
000a-s1 School Vehicle I
0000AS1 School Vehicle I
S1-a000 School Vehicle I
a000-S1 School Vehicle I
S2-000a School Vehicle II
000a-S2 School Vehicle II
0000AS2 School Vehicle II
S2-a000 School Vehicle II
a000-S2 School Vehicle II
S/A 0000 Shore To Please
S/a 000a Shore To Please
S/D 0000 Square Dancer
SG-a000 State Government
SG-a00a State Government
SG00000 State Government
S/H 0000 Seton Hall University
SP-A000 State Police
SPA000a State Police
S/S 0000 Silent Service (Submarine Vet)
0000 S/S Silver Star
S/T 0000 Stevens Institute of Technology

TA00000 Tractor
Taa-000 Trailer
Ta-000a Trailer
000-Taa Trailer
T000-aa Trailer
Taa0000 Trailer
T0a-000 Trailer
T00-a0a Trailer
Taa-00a Trailer
a00-Taa Trailer
0000-Ta Tractor
TD-0000 Department of Transportation
TD00000 Department of Transportation
TP-a000 N.J. Turnpike Authority
TPA0000 N.J. Turnpike Authority
TR-0000 Tractor
TR-a000 Tractor
TRa-000 Tractor
TS-a000 Tractor

U/B 0000 United Bowhunters
U/D 0000 University of Delaware
U/M 0000 University of Michigan
U/N 0000 Temple University
U/S 0000 Olympic Spirit
0000 U/S Olympic Spirit
U/W 0000 United We Stand
0000 U/W United We Stand
U/W 00aa United We Stand

VFW-000 Veterans of Foreign Wars
VFW0000 Veterans of Foreign Wars
V/V 0000 Vietnam Veterans

W/C 000a Conserve Wildlife
a000 W/C Conserve Wildlife
W/D 0000 Disabled American Veterans
W/E 0000 Treasure Our Trees
W/E 000a Treasure Our Trees
W/P 0000 West Point
W/V 0000 VFW of the US

Xaa-000 Commercial
Xa-0000 Commercial
X-00000 Commercial
X0a-000 Commercial
Xaa-00a Commercial
Xa-00aa Commercial
Xaa0000 Commercial
X00-a00 Commercial
X-0000a Commercial
Xa-000a Commercial
Xaa-a00 Commercial
Xa000 Commercial Motorcycle
X/a 000 G/S NJ Agriculture Commercial
X/a 000 W/E Treasure Our Trees Commercial
X/Y 000 a/a NJ Agriculture Farmer
Xxa-000 Farmer ('x' = X,Y,Z)
Xxa-00a Farmer ('x' = X,Y,Z)
XY00Za Constructor (XY33ZA only sighting)


Za-00 In Transit Empty
00-Za In Transit Empty
Z/Z 0000 Discover NJ History