- Jim Moini's License Plates

The "Funny Business" page was originally dedicated to the hundreds (well, maybe thousands) of New Jersey residents
who simply did not know what to do with their plate stickers.

Although plate stickers were discontinued in late 2004 (mostly because of this problem), we have not been disappointed.
It seems that New Jersey motorists have found many other ways to keep us amused.

Because of that, the original page has grown, and mow I have split it into multiple pages - one for each type of weirdness !

Sticker Fun
Worn Out Plates
Obscured Plates
Problems with Temps
What am I Driving ?
Paint Problems
Blackout Plates
That's the Wrong Plate !
Risky/Risqué Plates
Home-Made Plates
Out of State Stickers
Upside Down Things
That Shouldn't Be There !
Random Cool Stuff