- Jim Moini's License Plates
This is a little tiny plate someone made to put on a little tiny trailer !
A big plate wouldn't fit, so they had a small one made :-)

New Jersey License Plate

Tom Jansen

Seen in April 2020 ... an unfortunate sign of the times.
"COVID" plates.

Joe Pugliese / facebook

The 1912 plate seems to be real, but the seal is definitely a homemade one !

These are replacements or who-knows-what.

Original (real) apportioned plate

And a homemade (?!?) matching plate.
Funny ... this one has a helix hologram
through the NJ map !

Homemade 1953 Farm Use plate
photographed at a car show.

Frank Kan

Paul Rosenberg
This was made by one of those internet vendors.

Obviously this is not a real CONTR EQUIP IN TRANSIT plate, but still it's a really cool addition to this military jeep !

Lee Madigan
The "plate" is actually PAINTED onto the back of a Jeep Wrangler.
And very well done !   This is a new one for me.

Ralph Bonanno

Sam Farley
Trailer number scribbled on the back
of a truck. Looks like T1W-661.

Not even a valid number !

Mike Wiener

New Jersey New Car Dealer License Plate