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Welcome to - my web site devoted to New Jersey license plates.

This web site is a compendium of information on New Jersey license plates - from the first issues in 1903 up to the present day.
Established in 1996, my New Jersey web site started with a few pictures of a few different kinds of plates, and gradually grew to have around 15,000 pictures today.

It was re-launched as in late 2011, and since then it has become an encyclopedia,
containing information and pictures of all of the distinct types of New Jersey license plates - from nearly every year of issue.

I am always looking for new data to post on the site, so please feel free to contact me at with information, pictures,
or if you have questions about New Jersey license plates or questions about any of the content on this web site.

Last Update: 12.18.2023

Go to the Update History page to see a list of the changes in the latest update, past updates, and also notes on anything interesting
that's happpening with New Jersey license plates, like baseplate changes or a new number series.
Check back often to see what new information is available.

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