- Jim Moini's License Plates

Let's make a courtesy plate !!

This 1912 plate is mostly repainted...

... including the seal !

Should be white on brown

This was originally a blue base plate,
now painted tan, with the numbers
filled in with a black marker...

Interesting red on black combo.

Another blue base, painted tan
and numbers painted red.

Steve Bier"Blurry" repaint.

Grant Gallagher
Another one. Is this a "thing" now ??

Avery base.
The paint fell off the numbers.

Really good job, but wrong colors.

Again, nice repaint - numbers should be white.

Maybe just faded...

J Mattes

An incredible repaint of a
1965-base dealer plate.

A great blue repaint
of a tan base dealer.

A completely crappy
repaint of a
1965-base dealer plate.

Blue base (with map separator)
repainted to look newer.

Colin Schaefer
Everything is repainted except the
New Jersey wordmark.

Mike Wiener