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In New Jersey, any plate issued since 1959 is still potentially valid, and can be used on the road if it has been continuously registered to a vehicle since it was first issued.
If a plate is no longer registered, it cannot be re-issued as a regular passenger plate, but apparently (as I have recently learned with help from Steve Bier) old number combinations can be requested as vanity plates - if they are old enough and are not currently in use.

The way to identify a vanity remake plate is it will not have a separator (a dash or a NJ map).
If an old number like ABC-123 is reissued as a vanity plate, it will not have the dash (or state map) separator between the ABC and the 123.
No vanity plates in New Jersey are allowed to use the separator, and using this information we can tell the difference between a replacement remake (of a currently active number) and a vanity remake using an inactive ("dead") number which was previously issued as a regular passenger plate.

The original assumption was that cutoff is around 35 years ago ... plates up to and including the 000-VAA series were apparently available to be requested as vanities as of mid-2019.
Presumably, as time moved forward, successive number combinations would have become "freed up" and able to be requested as vanity plates.

Some new info has come to light in late 2019.   It seems that there was a computer problem at the DMV back in the 80s (apparently they called it "The Great Crash of '85"), and registration data was lost.
So now, it would seem like any numbers that were already "dead" before 1985 can be re-issued as vanities (as there is no way to track them). Anything "live" through 1985 and later cannot.
And, presumably, any numbers that became "dead" after 1985 probably cannot be re-issued either. So there does not appear that there will ever be a definite cutoff.

How's that for bizarre ?   I guess we'll just have to observe and log what come up on the road. (As usual.)

Anyway, the "vanity remakes" are now on this page, and separated from standard replacement remake plates.

Many thanks to Steve Bier (and also to my anonymous friend with the new info) for investigating and helping to sort this out.

Steve Bier
The dash was added by the owner.

Jarrod Nappi

Joe Pugliese

Joe Pugliese

Colin Schaefer

Jack Hollingsworth

Jarod Nappi

Remake of c.1967 trailer number

Joe Pugliese
Remake of c.1960 trailer number

Here is a vanity remake alongside the original plate from 1982 !!
Steve Bier

Original plate

Vainty Remake


Lou Braconi
Dash added by the owner.

NJ map added by the owner.

Jeff Fazekas

Colin Schaefer

Joe Pugliese

Lee Madigan


Lee Madigan

1991 base 7-digit dies

Lee Madigan

Lee Madigan

No vanity remakes have been seen on the tan base.