- Jim Moini's License Plates
We have a new winner !!
There is a faded August 2004 license plate sticker on a sign in a park in Princeton.
I don't know which park, but I'm sure if you're in Princeton you can find it.
An awesome find !! Has it been there since 2004 ? Who knows.
Ben F

Braden MooreSticker on the top of the windshield

Jeff FazekasSticker almost at the top of the windshield.

Sticker halfway up the windshield.

We've never seen a sticker in THIS window before.
Steve Bier

Explanation on this - thanks to Brian Cramer:
"I have an explanation for the inspection sticker on the rear side window of the Toronado on your Funny Business page.
Toronados, Riveras, and Eldorados of the time period had windshields with a plastic layer on the inside
(for an electric defroster if I remember correctly).   I was working at a Buick dealership in Mt. Holly
at the time, and remember a NJ DMV notice allowing the inspection sticker to be placed
in the rear window because removal of old stickers with a razor blade would damage the plastic inner windshield."

This is awesome ... where are the plate stickers ??

Well duh ... on the windshield, of course !!
Joe Wasielewski

A strange place to find a license plate sticker ...
On the inside of the "out of town" mailbox door, at the Manville, NJ Post Office !!
We're not kidding ... go and check it out !!

From "Eagle Eye" Jeff Fazekas