- Jim Moini's License Plates
?? UNIDENTIFIED PLATES ?? I don't know what these are.
Can anyone help ?
This was seen on a pickup truck - no idea what it is.
Joe Pugliese

These little "plates" are slightly smaller than motorcycle plates, but made with NJ plate colors.
The similarity of the numbers suggests that they may have been used for markers of some sort.
Locker numbers ?   Apartment numbers ?   Mailbox numbers ?   Who knows !
Dave Paluzzi

The 1910 and 1911 plates appear to be homemade replacements - and apparently they once had seals.
Ed Natale

This "1919 plate" is painted on the back of a 1911 porcelain. Probably another homemade replacement plate.
Jarrod Nappi

1926 ? 
This appears to be white on orange - same colors as a 1926 passenger plate, but the N.J.-1926 is missing from the top.

These are smaller than a passenger plate, but bigger than a motorcycle plate.   And they have a strange 8-hole pattern.
"Licensed" for what ? And by whom ?   Anybody know ?

1949Jerry DeBalfo

1972My collection

These look like signs made in the plate shop, with a 6x12 blank, and motorcycle dies.
KEEP OUT has bigger dies ... does it go with these ?

Ed Natale

Ed Natale

Paul Kovalski

Paul Kovalski

This one, with the same 6-hole pattern and motorcycle dies as the one above left, was seen on eBay.

36 -31 
This one is from the collection of Tiger Joe ... orange on black like 1936 passenger plates, but smaller.
It has the "octagon" New Jersey dies, but is it a NJ plate ?   If not, then what is it ??

BGOO- Plates 
What are these ? Vanities ?
Why are they so close together - and why the BGOO0A pattern ?

All seen and photographed on the road in & around Bergen County in the mid 2000's.
1940 FD 
This is not a regular passenger as NJ has never used leading zeroes.